Lauren is a qualified Life Coach and Counsellor, having completed a BA in Social Science and a Certificate IV in Life Coach and Mentoring.

Lauren has been working with clients all around the world in a one-on-one environment, for over ten years, providing a holistic approach to healthy, balanced living and inner harmony. Some of this work includes teaching people the tools to reach their full potential, in their own uniqueness, but also supporting people to let go of any limitations (physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically) holding them back from becoming all that they are.

Lauren has been facilitating classes and workshops for many years on energetic hygiene and the four-body system, self esteem, healthy relationships, universal principles and how to re-connect back to love - love for self, love for others, love for the World, the Universe and everything within the All of Creation.


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“Lauren is a most inspiring teacher, mentor and friend. She has a wonderful ability to cut through to the core issue and to see through any patterns or blocks.

She is incisive, and clear, and combined with this is such kindness and compassion, that it never seems too much or too intense, and due to Laurens unflagging and contagious optimism, any action called for always seems do-able.

Lauren is full of love, enthusiasm and encouragement. A one in a million find if you are looking for a mentor! I wholeheartedly recommend her if you are looking to accelerate your own growth and evolution, and wish to be the best you can be.”

Claudia Vayda, Psychologist, Sydney NSW

"I was fortunate enough to work with Lauren at a time in my life when I seemed to keep looping and repeating the same feelings and events in my life. Through working together, I was able to shift through these repetitive patterns and move past those limitations and habits that kept tripping me up. I found the sessions to be supportive and filled with wisdom. There was a subtle yet profound clarity in what was shared, and huge amount of compassion and support when facing sensitive and potentially painful situations and feelings. I would thoroughly recommend working with Lauren, as part of an ongoing development as much as breaking through any limiting behaviours and patterns."

James, London UK

"I have known Lauren for a number of years and in that time observed her to be a capable, committed and dedicated individual.  

As a Coach, I have found Lauren's skills to be invaluable in helping me go deeply into areas which required a very compassionate, clear, soft yet focused approach.  What I love about her style is that she brings an optimism and curiosity with her to the sessions and listens, really listens and responds with solutions. Her unique way is also highly collaborative and it has supported me in taking ownership for my own growth and steps forward; that has been immensely empowering.

I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone choosing growth and transformation for themselves with the help of a coach who brings a fine balance of strength and compassion.

Thank you Lauren!"

Lisa Danza, Sydney NSW

"I find a warmth of security in the space that Lauren holds while working with me. It is the kind of security most precious to one such as myself who has experienced in this life much rejection and emotional abandonment, particularly in regard to relating with women.  Her insights are typically exacting as to what I need to deal with currently and I find her recommendations for self-nurturing particularly on target.  She leads me quite gently into my hurting places with a confidence that is infectious - I find myself knowing that I can go where I have not dared go before.  Such a supportive capacity, in my way of thinking, is indispensable for the soul aspiring to greater heights of compassion, wholeness, and fulfilment in life.  I am exceedingly pleased with my progress while under Lauren's watch-care.  I recommend her most whole-heartedly."

Dr. Miles A Moody, Veterinarian, Photographer & Writer, North Carolina USA

“I found my sessions with Lauren highly beneficial. I started with her because I had curiosity about my own self and learnt valuable skills that I have been able to use in my every day life. Any person can benefit from doing this sort of practice, it will make your life seem fuller and will help to learn more about self worth.”

Andrea Williamse, Stewardess, Dubai UAE

"Recently, I had a series of weekly one-on-one mentoring session with Lauren remotely by Skype.

Living on the east coast of Australia and Lauren on the west, made no difference to me feeling deeply satisfied with the result of our time together.

I experienced Lauren's profound heart based gifts and abilities woven in with her highly developed skills as a professional.

Lauren has a stark simplicity that gets to the cause whilst lovingly walking along side as the unraveling occurs, leaving no stone unturned.

Since working together, I have experienced positive change in many areas of my life resulting from these sessions.

I felt very safe and supported in Lauren's capable hands and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting an 'integrated heart based' approach when seeking the services of a life coach and mentor."

Debbie Bates, Reflexologist, Brisbane QLD

"I recently had the opportunity to be mentored by Lauren. As I journeyed through life, there were some missing pieces that hindered my progress, kept me stuck and generally kept me disempowered. With Lauren's guidance I was able to take the necessary steps to carve a new pathway for myself. I really enjoyed Lauren's simplicity which was very empowering, and she always provided a nurturing, caring and inspirational space while keeping me accountable, and stepping me forward. As I continue to step forward I strongly contribute this to the time I spent with Lauren and the very grounded and practical way she approached our sessions, and I can keep applying what I discovered to all areas of my life.

Lauren has such lovely gifts to bring to the world and if I could put it really simply, she holds a space of "you can do it"."

Terrie Wayside, Creative Director at Dance Creations, Perth WA

"Lauren is an excellent mentor and counsellor.  I really benefited from working with her, and made a lot of progress in a very short period of time.  Lauren is a great listener.  Her guidance is direct, insightful, helpful and clear.  Lauren's a compassionate, caring person and really down-to-earth and practical.  She has the unique ability to see where you are stuck and show you what steps to take so that you can move forward in your life.  I highly recommend Lauren and the services she provides."

Arlene Cohen Miller, CEO of Jewel Consultancy & A-V Rated Attorney,

Colorado USA


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